Our competent service team is highly trained engineers whom have undergone strict overseas factory training.  With our vast experience and knowledge, our service team is prepared to undertake preventive maintenance as well as repair & servicing of all the brands that we are currently holding.


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Planned Preventive Maintenance vs Breakdown Maintenance

Maintenance typically means sustaining a desired condition or level of performance at any time.  It can also mean fixing things that break.
Why do we perform maintenance on equipment?

•    To ensure the equipment is suitable for its intended purpose
•    To ensure that the equipment is in a safe and reliable condition
•    Ensure the workplace safety which is usually measured by lost workdays, accident/injury and so forth

Planned Preventive Maintenance involves maintenance performed to extend the life of the equipment and prevent its failure. Planned Preventive Maintenance is usually scheduled at specific intervals and includes specific maintenance activities such as lubrication, calibration, cleaning (e.g. filters) or replacing parts that are expected to wear (e.g. bearings) or which have a finite life (e.g. tubing). The procedures and intervals are usually established by the manufacturer. In special cases the user may change the frequency to accommodate local environmental conditions.

Breakdown Maintenance is the maintenance performed as and when an equipment breaks down.  It identifies, isolate, and rectify a fault so that the out of order equipment can be restored to an operational condition.

A planned maintenance is essential to protect the investment of the hospital.  Just like our car, it needs periodic maintenance to ensure it performs to its optimum condition.

The cost of inadequate Preventive Maintenance

•    Uncontrollable repair labour cost
•    Deferred and cancelled work
•    Interrupted work flow
•    Unnecessary stress to department staffs
•    Patient’s safety at stake due to cancellation of scheduled procedures/ operation

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