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Microprocessor-controlled rotary sealer with printer for the packaging of sealable pouches and reels (SBS) (Validatable process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2)


hm880dcv CATSMALL

The process parameters temperature and contact pressure are controlled and monitored directly by the device.

Integrated matrix printout
The following information can be printed directly on the paper side of the packaging:
• Packaging date (various date formats:
• Expiry date with automatic update
• Personnel name and number
• Batch number
• Sealing parameter (temperature, contact pressure)
• CE sign with corresponding text for medical product classification (e.g. CE 123)
• Device number/Serial number
• Piece counter

Standard conformity
•Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 (QMcertificate)
• Validatable process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2:2006
• Fulfillment of the requirements of the DGSV-Guideline for the Validation of the Sealing Process
• Fulfillment of the requirements of the RKI-Guidelines (Robert Koch-Institute)
• Included declarations of conformity:
- CE
- DIN 58953-7
- EN ISO 11607-2:2006


Microprocessor controlled rotary sealer for the packaging of sealable pouches and reels (SBS) – without printing function

hm 500 DE

The unique design of the hawoflex™ sealing seam guarantees an optimum sealing security
and sealing seam strength. The hm 500 DE device can be used with the following packaging materials:
• Sealable pouches and reels according to EN 868-5:2009 and EN ISO 11607-1:2009 (also gusseted pouches and reels)
• TyvekM, 1059B, 1073B und 2FS
• Sealable paper bags according to EN 868-4:2009
• Aluminium-laminate foil
• Performance: high capacity due to rotary mode and sealing speed of 10 m/min (33 ft/min).
• Safety: automatic switch-off if the sealing temperature deviates from the set value. The device is CE and GS certified.

The hm 500 DE has an stand-by mode, which deactivates the motor, when not in use.



Workstations for the packaging of sterile barrier systems


The hm 750 WST workstation consists of a mobile base(basic element) with an integrated film roll holder, cutting device, storage baskets and consoles for sterilized bags(sterile bags), sterile containers and a generous work table

For Operational Qualification(OQ) and daily testing of your rotary sealer


Seal Check reference


In accordance with ISO 11607, Part 2, the sealing shall be considering different quality properties
(§ 5.3.2 b) within the Operational Qualification (OQ).

SealCheck reference pdf

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