borer chemieBorer Chemie AG is a leading supplier of products and technologies for cleaning and disinfection. Borer Chemie develops, produces and market internationally known brand products and proven processes for professional applications in hospital hygiene, industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical sector.

The Borer Medical product range may be divided into 3 different applications according to the customer’s needs as below:


Detergent for Manual Cleaning

deconex-36-Intensiv-xdeconex 36 Intensiv-x

manual cleaning picture


Deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is used for the thorough and gentle cleaning of all washable surfaces, objects and instruments.
deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is also suitable for soaking instru¬ments for longer periods waiting for automated reprocessing (overnight, weekend). Corrosion or drying out of organic mate¬rial can thereby be avoided.


A special application of deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is for cleaning surfaces and instruments made of plastic or rubber materials (flexible endoscopes, anaesthetic equipment), before changing the disinfectant (aldehyde-containing → amine-containing or vice versa).
deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is also suitable for use in ultrasonic baths.

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Detergent for Automatic Washer Disinfector

28 ALKA ONE-x 7kgdeconex 28 Alka One-X

washer picture


deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x has been specially developed for the demanding alkaline reprocessing of medical devices such as surgical instruments, anesthetic and breathing equipment, ward instruments and utensils, MiS instruments, feeding bottles and operating theatre footwear in accordance with RKI recommendations.



Special features of deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-X:
-- outstanding cleaning performance
-- effective against prions
-- pH > 10 (RKI conformity)
-- compatible with hard water
-- does not require neutralization
-- prevents silicate deposits
-- residue-free rinsability
-- foam-free

-- EDTA-free
-- NTA-free
-- free from scents
-- free from colourants
-- biodegradable

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Detergent for Automatic Washer Disinfector

Washer detergentdeconex Alkamild

For the mild alkaline automated cleaning of surgical instruments, MIC instruments, anaesthetic utensils, ward utensils, aluminium containers, motor systems and rigid endoscopes.

Special features of deconex ALKAMILD:
-high performance cleaning of organic dirt, such as blood, protein, serum
-outstanding, wide-ranging material compatibility
-good emulsifying and dispersing power
-no foaming
-good biodegradability
-mild alkalinity (pH > 10)

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Disinfectant for Instruments

deconex 53 instrumentsdeconex 53 Instruments

deconex 53 Instrument is being used as the pre-treatment of surgical and ward instruments
as a measure for personnel protection. The use of deconex 53 INSTRUMENT prevents drying of blood and proteins onto instrument surfaces of organic materials. Water-soluble proteins are even
detached from surfaces. deconex 53 INSTRUMENT does not contain aldehydes and therefore does not fix proteins as was experimentally proven.
The product can also be used for final disinfection of non-critical medical devices.

Special features of deconex 53 Instruments
Aldehyde free, non fixing disinfectant
For manual disinfection and cleaning of surgical instruments, care utensils and dental instruments.
High efficacy at low concentrations.
Suitable for use in ultrasonic baths
Spectrum of activity
Bactericidal - fungicidal (C. albicans) - tuberculocidal - mycobactericidal
- effective against enveloped viruses including
HBV as well as against adenovirus and polyomavirus

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High Level Disinfectant


 deconex HLD PA / PA20 can be used for the manual final disinfection of all types of medical instruments such as non-ste¬rilizable surgical instruments, anesthetic equipment and dental instruments as well as rigid and flexible endoscopes.

--based on peracetic acid
--with integrated activator
--ready-for-use immediately after activation
--broad spectrum of activity including spores
--rapid effect
--compatible with a very wide range of materials
--tested service life of uncontaminated use solution 14 days
--Confirmation of solution activity by means of a special test strip,  deconex Test PA
--Effective against spores with 5 minutes contact time