We are proud to be associated with leading manufacturers from around the world.


Specialists for Cleaning Monitoring
PEREG GmbH is the leading company for cleaning monitoring when reprocessing surgical instruments. This was achieved by believing in the importance of cleaning and knowing the science behind it.
Tests for cleaning efficacy must be adapted to the practical situation
For more product information, please visit www.pereg.de


borer chemie

Advanced Cleaning Solutions
Borer Chemie AG is a leading supplier of products and technologies for cleaning and disinfection. We develop, produce and market internationally known brand products and proven processes for professional applications in hospital hygiene, industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical sector.
For more product information, please visit www.borer.ch



RFID Technology for Surgical Instruments Marking
ASANUS is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of more than 18,000 surgical and minimal invasive instruments for nearly all surgical disciplines
ASANUS develops software and RFID marking systems for surgical instruments and hospital material logistics.
For more product information, please visit www.asanus.de



Global leader in the manufacture of packaging systems
Main focus of our work are packaging systems and testing systems for doctors, hospitals as well as for medical and cleanroom technology industries. Today we market our products in over 100 countries and thus make a global contribution to securing medical hygiene and infection control.
For more product information, please visit www.hawo.com



World leader in advanced surgical instrument reprocessing
Medisafe is one of the world’s leading providers of equipment that reprocesses complex and critical surgical instruments.
Medisafe now install over 1000 machines every year worldwide.
For more product information, please visit www.medisafeinternational.com



Steelco has been at the forefront of innovation and technological progress in the Washer Disinfector area. It has become a major force for cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare, laboratory and pharmaceutical sectors.
Steelco provides full technical support service for its machines including system planning for CSSD and customised layout configurations for project installations.
For more product information, please visit www.steelcospa.com



ICOS Impianti designs, manufactures and installs high quality devices such as washers, disinfectors and steam sterilizers meant for the medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical field
Besides having a certified Quality Assurance System as per ISO 9001 and also ISO 13485 for the Medical Division, ICOS’s products undergo a serious quality control and their competent and specialized personnel is continuously trained, aiming at maintaining a high standard and growing and improving together.
For more product information, please visit www.icosimpianti.com