The cleaning indicator for monitoring of the cleaning efficiency of washer-disinfectors

Automated washers fail to clean for many reasons. There should be tests for monitoring the variables that influence the effectiveness of a washer. Some of these factors contributing to the cleaning efficacy in a washer are water quality, time, detergent, temperature, pH level, drying time, obstructions, and insufficient amount of chemicals.

The Test Object Surgical Instrument (TOSI) is designed to test for the cleaning efficacy in automated washer disinfector. The TOSI indicator complies with the EN ISO15883 standard. It works as an independent test indicator to help the personnel in the Central Sterile Supply Unit (CSSU) to monitor and validate the cleaning efficacy of the automated washers.

Why is there the need to monitor the cleaning? Aren’t my washer is supposed to clean my instruments?
Well, for the reasons mentioned above, there are many factors affecting the cleaning process, therefore, there is a need to monitor the washing process itself.
There is the factor of overloading the instruments in the washer, which is very common when the work load is too much or maybe as simple as the detergent had run out, or an even major issue, some parts of the washer is broken.

Monitoring of the cleaning process should be done with an independent test; the TOSI is such a test. When choosing a cleaning indicator for any application, the soil used on the indicator must correlate to the real soil in real life. The soil on the instruments that we have in hospitals is blood, and therefore, the soil on the indicator that we are going to choose should be blood as well.

The TOSI is comprised of components of blood. There is no secret ingredient that biases the TOSI towards one cleaning method or another. If you would like to learn more about the TOSI cleaning indicator, or if you have trouble cleaning your TOSI, please contact us anytime.  We are more than happy to give you a free consultation and to solve your problem at no cost.

In summary, it is very important to choose the correct cleaning indicator.  Not just any cleaning indicator for the sake of having one, but one that correlates to the real scenario.  Only then, it is possible to validate the washer disinfector’s process effectively.  TOSI correlates to the human blood and therefore should be considered as the cleaning indicator for use in washer disinfector in hospitals.

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